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SMS Cheer Booster Club

Mission Statement: 

The SMS Cheerleading Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, parent-led, organization whose goal is to lend support to the SMS cheerleaders, and the SMS cheerleading coaching staff. We strive to encourage and maintain enthusiastic interest through parents' and community members' participation in the various activities of the cheerleaders. This organization will work with the SMS cheer coaching staff and administration to identify specific needs of the program including but not limited to building morale, helping to provide an enjoyable, healthy environment for the cheerleaders, and raising funds for cheerleading equipment/activities not funded by the school.


About Booster Club Dues:


The yearly booster club dues are used to directly benefit the cheerleaders by paying for Festival lunch, routine music, cheer website, Senior Night, Banquet, senior gifts, coaches gifts, and other various expenses throughout the year.  We depend on all families participating in the booster club so we have the funds necessary to cover these basic expenses. Fundraisers are used to pay for additional activities.  The booster club supports the cheer program both financially and by volunteering throughout the entire school year.


Any cheer parent/guardian wishing to be more involved in the Booster Club is welcome to attend the SMS Cheer Booster Club meetings.    

Contact SMS Cheer Booster:

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